Quantum Shift Session

This is a powerful session focused on identifying and addressing the key issues you are aware of, and those hiding in your unconscious mind.

Starting from the premise that everything is energy including our bodies, thoughts and emotions, we will examine your life experiences from the energy flow point of view. In a supportive, judgment-free and confidential environment, I will offer immediate remedies as appropriate, and recommend the most suitable options for further personal and spiritual work.

You can bring to this session any issues you are seeking to address - from major to mundane. 

Quantum Shift will also give you a taste of the Quantum Living Mentoring Program which goes much deeper and over a period of time into the conscious and unconscious work that needs to be done.

This is a single, self-contained 1.5 hr. session delivered online.
Price: $257 AUD

Key Generic Outcomes You Can Expect From This Session
 - increased self-awareness 

 - clarity about your life path, choices and options
 - key blockages on your path are identified and addressed


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