Welcome to Quantum Living®
A holistic, cutting edge personal transformation and spiritual healing practice based on quantum science, metaphysics and spirituality.

Quantum Living® as a concept and methodology draws on ancient esoteric teachings validated by quantum physics that everything is energy, including our thoughts and emotions - together forming Intentions, with which we can create new life experiences at any time; effectively, with our cognitive and emotional states. That’s the most important principle that drives everything else.

Quantum Shift Session
In this powerful Quantum Session, I will help you identify any issues and energy imbalances you may have, offer immediate remedies and recommend the most suitable options for further personal & spiritual work.
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Quantum Living Mentoring Program
Quantum Living Mentoring Program is the quintessential personal transformation experience based on quantum science & spirituality. It will help you resolve any issues you bring to it and reset your personal frequency to a higher level in a way you don't expect.
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Another way to describe this process is the Alchemy of Life.

Our Intention is a personal code that will program the Quantum Field of all potentials to collapse a wave of possibility into a particle of matter. This process may be instantaneous or may take any length of time (as we perceive it) which we can't predict.

While it is true that our thoughts flow into the Quantum Field and can be received by other people across the globe through this Universal Mind as information, the al-chemistry formula for manifesting our desires is more specific:

Thought = WISH which may or may not come true, depending on many factors
Thought + Emotion = INTENTION which is a code activating one specific outcome in the infinite pool of possibilities.

You Are The Creative Thought Behind Your Life Experience

I have combined this knowledge with several years of professional coaching & counselling training and experience; spiritual insights and quantum wisdom from other lifetimes; as well as my ancestral DNA from the lineage of psychics and gypsies, to create and offer my cutting edge teachings and individual guidance and support.

I offer single Quantum Shift Sessions and a flexible Quantum Living Mentoring Program.
Please note: Finding Your Mojo, Healing Relationships and Healing Emotional Addictions are no longer available as stand-alone programs. These issues can now be addressed in the Mentoring Program.

If you feel drawn to working with me on whatever issues you are grappling with, to receive my unique guidance and help please click on the Quantum Shift Session or Quantum Living Mentoring Program box above for more information, then contact me and let's have a chat.

When You Change the Frequency of Your Being - You Change Your Life

What Clients Say

Anna is warm, caring and genuine. She sees through you like a pane of glass, and at the right pace she will help you awaken to what you are. Working with Anna you will see and experience Reality as it is, hidden in plain sight under the colours of ‘the World’.

Everything Anna shared was spot on. She had insights on thoughts only shared with one other person. She understood and was fabulous at excavating more details and more truths. In the week since my session, even more clarity has come from her questions and my answers, as well as my path moving forward. Thank you Anna for reminding of what I already knew, but wasn’t trusting. The more I trust, the clearer it all becomes.

Anna is a superb coach who blends compassion, wisdom, insight, and experience into a transformational experience for her clients. She holds both a wealth of experience and also profound intuitive abilities.

Anna's extraordinary ability to guide your soul’s quest in the Universe and, at the same time, keep your boots on the ground to get things done, is an amazing-growing-doing experience - literally life altering. I have examined and/or participated with some of the most prestigious self-help practitioners - none come even close to affecting me more than Anna's work.

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